Although, I’m always updating my blog with new information and useful resources, I wanted to have a page on Cheap Flights 123 where you could easily find the best websites and books to help you travel the world without spending a lot of money.



This is a very interesting website, again not for everyone, but if you’re serious about saving some money on your trip, CouchSurfing is an easy way to go about it. Just go to their site, choose the city you want to stay at and find a fellow traveler’s home to stay in. It doesn’t get any cheaper than that.


TripAdvisor isn’t only for people who are looking for affordable ways to travel to other countries, but it’s such a massive platform that it helps you find anything you want. From attractions, to restaurants and even places where you can sleep at.

Online Communities

The Backpacker

This is a great travel community online and I definitely recommend that you check it out. It was made by backpacker for backpackers and members review restaurants, local bars, attractions, accommodations and tours.


Look at WikiTravel as the Wikipedia for travelers. It’s a completely free and very reliable traveling guide and online resource written by people who actually visited the countries under discussion. This is definitely a resource worth checking out.


How to Become the Jack of All Travel: A Beginner’s Guide to Traveling the World for Free

This is one of my favorite books written by Jacqueline Boss. If you’re serious about traveling the world on a budget, and spending very little money, I highly recommend that you buy this book. It will probably cost you $10 but it will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

The Rough Guide to Europe on a Budget

Another great book and guide that I really suggest you buy. It was published by Rough Guides and it’s particularly useful if you want to come and explore Europe. However, some saving principles apply to every part of the world.

Do you have any other resources that you’d recommend? Get in touch with me and I’ll add them to my list!