Internal flights and moving from London to Inverness

A client was recently making a move from London right up to Inverness and had made the journey by car several times and simply didn’t want to drive the 570 mile journey again so he was looking for a cheap flight and got in touch with us.

At that stage he had already got evergreen house clearance to empty his house of clutter and furniture so he didn’t have much in the way of belongings to move up there which made our job much easier as it was just him and a bag to move so a small plane would be fine for the job. Although he thought he needed a London house clearance company Evergreen were able to accommodate him at a far cheaper rate.

The flights that he had looked at where in the hundreds of pounds and there simply wasn’t any cheaper flights available or so he thought. We got onto our database and contacted all our operators to get him the best deal and we have to admit that it wasn’t easy.

The reason that its harder to get a cheap internal flight is simply because there isn’t as many flights to Inverness as there is say to Spain or Portugal which is obvious I suppose!

After a crazy long search we managed to find an internal flight that could get the client there for just £189 which whilst still not cheap was a snip at the side of what he had been looking at paying and after we contacted him he was very pleased and snapped it up.

Sometimes its worth a search just to find the best deal as a serious amount of money can be saved, in this case it was hundreds of pounds and I’m sure the client will be recommending us to his friends. So everyone’s a winner.


Why not give us a try if you find yourself looking at paying over the odds for your next flight you can simply call us or contact us online either here or on facebook and we will get to work on your behalf to secure you the best deal that we can find out there.

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