Internal flights and moving from London to Inverness

A client was recently making a move from London right up to Inverness and had made the journey by car several times and simply didn’t want to drive the 570 mile journey again so he was looking for a cheap flight and got in touch with us.

At that stage he had already got evergreen house clearance to empty his house of clutter and furniture so he didn’t have much in the way of belongings to move up there which made our job much easier as it was just him and a bag to move so a small plane would be fine for the job. Although he thought he needed a London house clearance company Evergreen were able to accommodate him at a far cheaper rate.

The flights that he had looked at where in the hundreds of pounds and there simply wasn’t any cheaper flights available or so he thought. We got onto our database and contacted all our operators to get him the best deal and we have to admit that it wasn’t easy.

The reason that its harder to get a cheap internal flight is simply because there isn’t as many flights to Inverness as there is say to Spain or Portugal which is obvious I suppose!

After a crazy long search we managed to find an internal flight that could get the client there for just £189 which whilst still not cheap was a snip at the side of what he had been looking at paying and after we contacted him he was very pleased and snapped it up.

Sometimes its worth a search just to find the best deal as a serious amount of money can be saved, in this case it was hundreds of pounds and I’m sure the client will be recommending us to his friends. So everyone’s a winner.


Why not give us a try if you find yourself looking at paying over the odds for your next flight you can simply call us or contact us online either here or on facebook and we will get to work on your behalf to secure you the best deal that we can find out there.

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3 Flight Comparison Website That Will Save You Money Every Single Time

I’ve already shared some tips with you on how to save money by finding cheap flights, but I think this is such an important topic that I’ve decided to dedicate an entire post to it. And today I want to talk specifically about how you can use flight comparison websites to find the cheapest flights.

You’ll be surprised how different companies and agencies sell the exact same ticket for triple the price. I’m not kidding… It’s ridiculous, and these 3 websites will help you compare flights across multiple companies and brokers.

I really think this is the easiest and fastest way to find the best deals on the market. So here are the 3 platforms that you can use.



Skyscanner is by far my favorite one. It’s the very first website that I check before buying any tickets online. You can easily select destination, dates, type of ticket and they immediately scan the web and return you hundreds of potential flights that you can choose from. It’s very easy to use and I highly recommend that you check it out.



Kayak is also a good option and alternative to Skyscanner. It works in a similar way, but from experience it doesn’t return as many results. The cool thing about Kayak is its trip planning dashboard where you can add multiple trips and compare prices.



Momondo is very similar to Kayak, but it’s still worth checking out. Momondo has a really interesting feature that I’ve never seen in any other website… They have a tool called Trip Finder where you tell them your budget and they come up with potential trips for you. Try it out and let me know what you find!

So these are the 3 websites that I use all the time. Skyscanner is the website that you should check every single time. And to be honest, if I were you I’d check all of them, it will take you 2 extra minutes and the savings can be substantial.

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3 Hostel Booking Platforms to Find Cheap Places to Stay

I know how expensive accommodation can be when traveling to new places. And the most used and advertised website don’t usually have good prices. But at Cheap Flights 123, I want to bring you the best resources online. Not some fancy booking site that everyone knows about.

So in today’s post I’m sharing with you 3 websites that I use to find great places to stay at with very affordable prices. These are called hostels not hotels like most people like to go to…

This is one of my favorite ones. The platform is super easy to use, and not only do you have access to hostels in 90+ countries but their platform also has a great community. There’s a group forum where people ask and answer questions, and they also have a great blog and travel guides. You can access all of them for free at the click of a button.


Hostel World

Hostel World’s new website looks great. It’s now easier for you to find hostels since they have over 30,000 properties from 170 different countries. The user-interface is great and you can definitely trust a platform which has 3.5 million reviews and just over 20 million confirmed bookings to date. Just like they have a great online community that can help you plan your trip.


I’ve used Hostel Brokers several times, but to be honest it’s not my favorite one. You can still find great deals here, but their website is outdated and not as easy and straight forward to use as the other 2 that I shared with you. Still worth checking out though!


Have you used any of these websites before? What was your experience?

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4 Tips to Travel on a Small Budget

On today’s post I’d like you to bring you 5 of my best tips to travel on a small budget. This is probably one of the questions that I get asked the most, so I decided to put a simple and short list together for all you travelers.

#1 Save on Accommodation

We all know that going to websites like will never get you the best value for your money. It’s not a bad website, but it’s not for us, who want to travel without spending our whole budget in 1 day.

So you’re best alternative is finding cheap hostels. These usually provide shared rooms and bathrooms for 4 to 20 people and you can get your cost per night down quite a bit. I recommend you take a look at our recent post about the 3 online platforms that we use to find these hostels around the world.

#2 Save on Flights

One of the most expensive parts of traveling is transportation, especially if you need to fly to get to your destination. But don’t worry. If you want to save a substantial amount of money on flights you need to flexible. The more the better. Avoid booking flights for Fridays and Sundays, that’s when most people travel and prices go up considerably.

Singing up for waiting lists is also a great idea to get flights for really cheap. Last minute tickets end up being a lot cheaper than standard, since the company would rather have a passenger that pays something rather than an empty seat.

#3 Save on Food

I’m not saying that you should eat, actually that’s a really bad idea. But what you should definitely avoid doing is going to tourist areas and buying food there. Avoid restaurants that are recommended by traveling guides, you’ll pay a lot more than what you should.

Instead look for local markets or even supermarkets where local people shop at. That’s the best way to eat cheap and high quality food.

#4 Bag Size

The size of your bag impacts the cost of your trip, more than you might have thought. If you want cheap travel tickets, you’ll have restrictions on the weight and size of your bag. And you know how these companies work, if you have 100g more than the limit, you’re paying probably as much as your ticket cost you. So make sure you’re within the limits and don’t carry a lot of stuff with you.

And here they are, my best 4 tips to travel on a small budget. I really hope you liked today’s post. Let me know if you have any questions below! Also make sure you check out this really cool infographic with more ways to save money on your next trip.


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